Friday, October 5, 2007

Rhinoceros Beetle Farm, Chiayi County

A great family day out:

Rhinoceros Beetle Farm 獨角仙農場, Jhongpu 中埔

With attractions to suit both young and old alike, Rhinoceros Beetle Farm is the perfect family day out. Located in Jhongpu, Chiayi County, it is a must for those living nearby; and with kindergartens visiting from across the country, its appeal to the younger generation cannot be underestimated.

When a friend of mine introduced me to Rhinoceros Beetle Farm, she described it as a mini Ching Ching Farm 清境農場. It’s easy to see where this comparison comes from. Its main features, like Ching Ching Farm, are its animals and a lush grassy hill. My friend’s description however, doesn’t really do this destination justice.

The sheep at Nantou’s Ching Ching Farm are great, but with goats, ponies, cows, ostriches, rabbits, and a hothouse containing snakes, various insects, and reptiles, Rhinoceros Beetle Farm boasts a much more varied range of animals. It also offers a much greater range of activities, and a more hands on experience. Visitors are able to feed nearly all of the animals, the snakes would be one exception, and this makes for a place where you can really interact with animals instead of just observing them. The goggle-eyed expression of the baby cows, as they suck up the milk you offer them is hard to forget. For younger children, there is also the chance to take a pony ride.

For their older brothers and sisters who might be too old and too cool for a petting zoo, there are a number of other amusements. Aside from the arcade games, paintball, and archery, the grassy field is a great place for some badminton, soccer, or Frisbee. Even granddad and grandma are accommodated with places, both near to the action and separated from it, where they can sit down and relax.

Rhinoceros Beetle Farm boasts a restaurant and a number stalls selling a variety of snacks, you should try the very milky ice cream, it’s delicious. Should you want to cook your own food, there is a large picnic area with tables and chairs where you barbecue and cook hot pot at your leisure.

To get to Rhinoceros Beetle Farm from Chiayi, take the number 18 road and follow it until it meets the number 3, turn left and drive to Jhongpu. From there, just follow the signs and prepare yourself for an enjoyable day out.


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